Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What You Need To Know 
Before Booking A Limo
See What Happens When A Night Out In A Limo Goes Bad

You have started to search on Google for limos in Daytona Beach. Or Limos In Palm Coast Your search brings up so many options and now you probably have more questions 
than what you started with.

Limo companies are not all the same. Just like restaurants and hotels,
I am going to give you some tips on what to look for when looking for 
Step 1. Do your homework. With the amount of information on the internet today there really isn't anywhere a bad company can hide. Start by doing a google search for reviews of the limo service in Palm Coast you are interested in doing business with. Try searches like ( Elegant Limousines Reviews ) Look for their ratings and read what other customers have to say and what there experience was like.

Step 2. If you will be needing this limo service to provide transportation to or from the airport or cruise port. You can contact the Ground Transportation  Authority for the airport and ask if  XYZ
Limos has the permits required to service that airport. Ok I know this step seems like a pain. But you know what is worse ?  Getting to the airport and not having a ride ! Limo companies are all required to have city and airport permits to operate legally. These permits are put in place to protect YOU !
 ( the consumer). In doing so this guaranties that said company has commercial insurance and their limos have been inspected for safety.

Step 3. Put together a list of questions before calling the limo service in Daytona or Palm Coast you are looking into. This step is going to be different for everyone. You may need a ride to the airport, a limo for Prom in Daytona or a limo for you wedding in Palm Coast. So depending on your needs, think of what you need to know. 
-At the airport how will I find my driver? 
-On my wedding day what color limos in Palm Coast are  available on my date? 
Some Great General Questions You Can And Should Ask
-Are you a local service ? 
-Where is your office located ?
- Do you own your limos or are you a broker ? ( A broker is someone that has no limos at all. They have a website and will take your reservation and money. Then they will contract it to the cheapest company they can find. to maximize their profits for doing nothing. Then you get the cheapest service in town at a premium price)
-Do they have commercial insurance / You can request the limo company to send you a copy of their insurance declaration page.
-Do your chauffeurs have the proper license required to drive limos ? ( All states have different local laws about what licenses are required to drive limos. To operate a limo in Palm Coast or a Limos in Daytona Beach a chauffeur must have an active class D license and a current DOT medical card. If they are operating a limo that seats more than 14 passengers it is Federal law that the driver possess a CDL Class C commercial license or a Class B if driving a bus, with a passenger endorsement and a current medical DOT card.)
- ASK TO COME SEE THE LIMO !!! I can't stress this enough. Go see the limo in person that you are interested in. If you are not in town ask a friend that lives near by to go for you. You don't want to book what you think is a nice clean limo on a website. Then you regret what you thought was a great deal on the day of your event when a smelly dirty limo pulls up.

I Hope This Information Has Helped You Make An Educated Decision For Limo Service In
 Daytona Beach And Limos In Palm Coast.

I Have done some of your homework for you.

Elegant Limousines of Palm Coast Inc. (386)793-1077
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I contacted the company and asked about permits and references. I was overwhelmed with the information they sent me. I had to share this info. Check out the pictures below.

Now that you know what to do go to this website and get started.

Permits That Elegant Limousines Has.

They are a great service just check out the awards